2 Cats for rehoming
Hi,  Going to start rehoming Mums cats over the next year or so due to her age.  Various ages, male and female, all neutered.   They are all tame and love...
2 2 Kittens ready to go
2 female adolescent kittens ready to go to a new home, would prefer them to go as a pair, used to being outside and raised in a semi rural environment. both black domestic...
1 Royal Canin gastrointestinal low fat dog food
Royal Canin gastrointestinal low fat adult wet dog food - 410g tins ( loaf ). 4 x trays (12 tins to a tray ) bb 17/02/23 , plus 2 x trays ( 12 tins to a tray ) bb 30/ 01/ 22...
1 Doggy 'toys'

Hi. I have been a dog groomer for over 36 years , and practicing veterinary nurse for 13. I would just like to draw owners' attention to the hazards of using a tennis ball as a...
1 Feeding raw to dogs

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As an experienced dog groomer and non- practicing veterinary nurse I witness daily the devastating long-term effects of feeding dogs highly processed poor quality cooked...
1 pet claw-clipping

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I provide an at-home claw-clipping service for most pets. I am a dog groomer -- having run my own business for over 35 years -- and retired qualified veterinary nurse. Please...
1 Male African grey parrot

£ 650.00

Male African grey parrot rehoming,2 year old. very tame, will go to anybody. Loves to dance, talk,He is very sweet and loves to cuddle! He wants all the attention humanly...

£ 650.00

1 Dog groomer

Established experienced dog groomer ( and retired veterinary nurse ) has a limited number of vacancies for smaller more mature dogs requiring that extra bit of understanding...