2 Newfoundland pups

£ 700.00

For sale Newfoundland x puppies  They are 7/8 Newfoundland and 1/8 Rottweiler  2 black boys, 1 brown boy and 1 brown girl they’re beautiful big chunky...

£ 700.00

1 Raw dog diets

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As an experienced dog groomer and non- practicing veterinary nurse I witness daily the devastating long-term effects of feeding dogs highly processed poor quality cooked...
2 Boett horse rug

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£ 90.00

Brand new ( still in original unopened packaging ) brown size 6 Boett horse rug ( for use on horses with sweat itch ). £209 50 new, will accept £90.

£ 90.00

1 Pet Laundrette

Do you dread having to do the washing of your fur babies Bedding, Towels and clothes and the clean-up after of the washing machine, and tumble dryer and when you think you have...
1 pet claw-clipping

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I provide an at-home claw-clipping service for most pets. I am a dog groomer -- having run my own business for over 35 years -- and retired qualified veterinary nurse. Please...