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£75 24/11/2012

£75 THE LOT (Plus around 192 Newspaper "Freebies” etc) OR AS PRICED 1408 - £2 8 MILE - £1 ACT OF PIRACY - £2 ...

GTA V xbox360

£15 24/01/2015

GTA V Xbox 360 edition 2 disk with map. Very good condition

HP Laptop Win 7

£185 24/01/2015

HP Laptop Windows 7 Home Premium Upgraded with 500GB Hard Drive, 6GB ddr3 memory and AMD Phenom II N620 2.8ghz...

Freelance Graphic Designer

Free! 13/07/2014

Professional Graphic Design, brand design, print and logos at a competitive rate. weather you're an individual...

Trader Listing

Comics - Marvel, DC etc

Free! 29/12/2014
AJ The Comic Mann

AJ The Comic Mann remains trading now as an internet only business. I'm sure...

Trader Listing

Comics - Marvel, DC & More

Free! 22/01/2015
AJ The Comic Mann

Comics, Graphic Novels, T-shirts, action figures and statues avalible from AJ...

blu ray movies


loads of mainly action movies £2.50 each box sets £10. About 80 odd to choose from so am not gonna list em all. Will...

Sony blu Ray player BDP S360

£50 18/01/2015

Sony Blu Ray Player BDP-S360 Great condition complete with remote, power lead and manual. Upscales standard...

Tannoy revolution R3 speakers

£99 18/01/2015

Great speakers bought new some years ago and little used I still have all the original packaging and will throw in...

5 x KEF KHT 2005.2 speakers (eggs)

£150 22/01/2015

5 x KEF KHT 2005.2 speakers (eggs) plus 3 stands + QED silver anniversary cable WOW a set of 5 kef 2005.2's with 3...

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