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£175 27/09/2014

Unique TV cabinet and storage unit. Great condition. You will not find another like this. Sold as a pair. Buyer to...

Catering / Events Trailer Combo

£3,495 Today

Purpose built piano black event catering trailer (serves BBQ) with a professional high quality pop up gazebo with...

Guitar Tuition

£21 19/11/2014

Guitar tuition from beginners to rockers. All styles elec/acoustic rock pop etc.

Acoustic Guitar

£85 05/10/2014

Beautiful tone. Make nice Christmas present

Skybox F5s Satellite box

£100 21/11/2014

Skybox F5s Satellite box with 24 month gift A cheaper alternative to Sky. Trev Mob 241678

One seater sofa fold out bed

£60 Today

Selling a comfortable one seater sofa which doubles as a fold out single camp bed with a sprung foam mattress....

Old fashioned lawnmower

£20 Today

Good condition old fashioned lawn mower Great feature for the patio!

Dunlop AC Wind Jacket Mens

£10 29/08/2014

Dunlop AC Wind Jacket Mens size (M) brand new half price.

wheel trims

£10 29/06/2013

hello i got brand new wheel trims for sale size 15,black in color.same price as i paid for them.thanks.

Dual Mens Trail Running Shoes

£25 29/08/2014

Dual Mens Trail Running Shoes size(9) brand new never worn.

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