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Skoda Octavia estate 2003

£895 06/07/2014

Skoda Octavia Estate, 2003, Green, 1,9 diesel, manual, cd player, adjustable steering wheel, adjustable driver seat...


£40 30/07/2014

New Maxim fold flat ladder This ladder is new and still in sealed wrapping Ideal for storing in small areas as...

Animal Pencil case

£5 30/07/2014

Black and pink pencil case. Good condition (used once) Collection Pulrose Douglas. £5 Kim - 290817

Kickboxing - £10 per family!

Free! 06/05/2014

Kickboxing & Freestyle Martial Arts! 18:00 on Fridays! Everyone is welcome from beginners to advance! Great...

2* BT Freeway FM radio

£50 30/07/2014

2* BT Freeway FM radios 304 channels Up to 3km range FM Radio Headsets included Never been used please call...

Platform step ladder

£20 24/05/2014

Aluminium step ladder,used,2.1 m,in very good condition

Reflector Telescope - As New

£75 12/07/2014

Jessops Skywatcher Explorer telescope. Mint, as new with all accessories.

Marshall Guitar Amp.

£80 29/01/2013

Marshall MG15fx Guitar Amplifier.

Ron Thompson boat rod

£30 16/04/2013

Ron Thompson boat rod. 6 foot. 20-30LBS breaking strain. never used.

SANYO CD PLAYER. (radio&cassette)

£20 05/05/2014

SANYO CD PLAYER. radio and cassette player. excellent condition. with speakers. remote control

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