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Picnic Set

£10 02/05/2015

Picnic Set all items in a cooler bag. Comes with Plastic Plates, plastic cutlery. No longer required, and their...

Porceline Doll

£10 02/05/2015

Porceline Doll/Baby. collectables . Doll called "little bit of love" has a pink suit on her and a little blue...

Hello Kitty Beach Bag

£5 02/05/2015

Hello Kitty Beach Bag or can take it on a picnic. brand new still in packaging/clear bag. Not used. clean and...

Ladies Coats

£10 02/05/2015

2 ladies Coats, Brown/Beige Coat Size 14, with a hood, this coat is from Next and is to big this is the reason for...

Antler Cosmetic /Travel Toiletries

£10 02/05/2015

Antler Cosmetic travel Toiletries bag lots of space in it, 3 compartments and a little mirror. Never used, and is...


£5 02/05/2015

Big Handbag from Primark black and grey in colour. lots of room, used a few times, but is clean and new looking....

Radiant Facial Cleansing Brush

£20 02/05/2015

Radiant Facial Cleansing Brush from Marks & Spencers. Received as a gift, unwanted. Not Used, opened it to have...


£30 02/05/2015

Ink Cartridges colour X2 For: Advent AWP10 Printer all in one. Brand New not opened, still boxes. £30 for...


£15 02/05/2015

PA Cardin Suitcases, strong, floral (green) pattern. Not used, 3 suitcases as part of a set. Can be sold...

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