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zafira 2.0L GSI Turbo, 2002.

£1,975 13/10/2014

zafira 2.0L GSI Turbo, metallic blue, black leather trim, Any trial £1975 P/X poss tel/text 244932

Renault Scenic, 2005, 1.6

£1,450 10/10/2014

Renault Scenic, 2005, 1.6 Nice Condition Manual, proper hand brake, Taxed, new cambelt, Silver, any trial, P/X...

Fishing/Speed Boat For Sale

£850 21/10/2014

For sale is my 15ft V hull boat. The hull is in fair condition, nothing really needs doing to it apart from a good...


£1,250 09/09/2014

In the best colour - Monte Carlo yellow. This is the special edition 93 it has electric roof, windows and central...

Flip paint gear shifter

£10 23/09/2014

Green/gold flip paint gear shifter, Will fit almost any car (may need plastic inserts for narrower sticks) I...

Fiesta Mk4/5 rear lights

£45 23/09/2014

Clear rear lights. Was told they are Ultra brand but wouldnt know how to tell. Will fit any Mk4/5 Fiesta.

Magnex Stainless Backbox

£45 23/09/2014

Taken from a 2001 Fiesta, but would fit mk4/5 fiestas and probably other makes if the mounts are moved around. 4...

2001 bmw 525i estate spares/repair

£600 20/10/2014

£600 or nearest offer.. taxed till 31/3/15 really nice car, interior is leather & 99% mint, electric seats, mirrors...

Trailer,small wooden trailer

£200 18/10/2014

Trailer 5ft x 3ft wooden trailer,new tail board with lights £200 ovno tel 480991

Kayak carriers to fit roof rack

£45 18/10/2014

Kayak carriers to fit on roof rack,used once very good condition £45 ovno tel480991

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