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vw Beetle

£1,495 27/06/2014

VW .Beetle, year 2000 in very good condition 94000 miles, well looked after.1984 cc.

vw Beetle

£1,495 27/06/2014

VW .Beetle, year 2000 in very good condition 94000 miles, well looked after.1984 cc.

Volvo s40

£3,195 11/09/2014

04 only 56000 miles very clean well serviced leather etc like new

Alfa Romao lusso

£1,395 11/09/2014

74000 miles new brakes recent service used every day wonderfully to drive, slight problem light on dash but it has...

04 Fiesta 1.6 Ghia

£1,800 10/09/2014

black fiesta 1.6 ghia 5dr. 83k miles. nice tidy car, especially comfy. taxed until march 2015

Nissan Primera

£550 16/09/2014

Nissan Primera 2.0 SLX. 1996 5 door hatchback, power steering, electric sunroof and windows, 64500 miles, requires...

Honda civic TYPE R 63900 2004

£4,495 02/09/2014

Honda Civic MK6 Type R EP3, Cosmic grey,full HONDA service history, Electric windows, pioneer CD player,Sports Recaro...

ducati monster 696

£4,200 27/07/2014

2008 ducati monster 696 This bike is in truly fantastic condition, currently showing 9500miles. Fitted with some...


Free! 16/09/2014

Taxi drivers wanted for either days or nights. Must have PPV badge and be over 25 for insurance purposes. Men or Women...

WANTED.Two private hire car drivers

Free! 25/07/2014

Wanted . Two private hire car drivers. One full time days,one full time nights. Must be smart, reliable, punctual and...

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