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Tropic Skincare & Cosmetics

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Price:£99Contact Name:Claire Hewitson
Terms:Non-negotiableSeller Location:n/a
Location:Kirk MichaelMobile Phone:07624 458702
Listed:05/04/2013 16:51Landline Phone:01624 878714
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New Business Opportunity Available now…..
Are you looking to earn extra money and enjoy the job you do too?
Based on our company’s average parties, by doing just a couple of Pamper experiences per week, you could have an extra £600 per month!
Your business, in partnership with Susan Ma and Lord Sugar is only just beginning and we’re looking for Ambassadors in the area.
For more information on our dynamic company or if you’d like to book your own Pamper Experience and get lots of Tropic goodies for FREE, please contact me, Claire Hewitson, Tropic Business Builder on the Isle of Man :)

Tropic Skincare & Cosmetics
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